random stripes and tapestry moves

for the first strip of “grass,” i decided to randomly stripe the warp. i pulled simultaneously from about 7 spools of my 8/4 cotton carpet yarn and wrapped them on the warping board. then, when i was holding the cross and sleying the reed, i randomly picked a color to sley. this process gives a sense of continuity to the random stripe since the same colors occur within every 7 warps, but allows enough variation to keep it from looking overly planned. i LOVE the result, but have to say that beaming the warp (wrapping the warp on the back beam) was a pretty tangled process.

about halfway in to my 8′ length on this warp, i decided to play around with some tapestry moves to create a little “flower patch.” to begin with, i pulled two colors of yarn in, one from each side, and wrapped them around each other before beating. then i open the next shed and take each yarn back out to their respective edges:

i also tinkered with three colors:

i really like the process, but because of the deadline i have for this project, i don’t think i’ll be doing much more of it. it takes much more time. pretty cool, though!

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  1. OOOOOOH, it’s a flower patch! deenee, it must be so much fun and such an exploration to discover how these colors will end up looking…or do you have an idea how the piece will more or less look like in the end? one thing i enjoy about painting is the infinite combination of colors, because i guess like weaving, colors take on completely different hues depending on the color they are paired with. fun fun fun!


  2. it IS really fun. i’m still in awe of the color combinations in weaving. it reminds me of seurat’s stippling, because every shade is a result of the proximity of two or more colors, and also of the amount of each color that you see, which is in turn a result of the fabric’s structure. i’m very conscious of being a complete novice at an ages-old art and craft.

    i *kinda* know what each piece will look like in the end, but since all i get to see is the small strip i’m working on — and since i don’t have a ton of experience to draw on in predicting outcomes — i’m still fairly (and pleasantly) surprised when i pull a strip off the loom. i’m a little anxious about the overall look of the final installation, because it will all come together rapidly in the final week before the opening… all i can hope is that the vision in my head isn’t too far off from what it will look like in reality!


  3. i can’t wait to see the final result!


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