100 sq ft… check!

last night, i finished weaving the square footage needed for the mini golf hole! it was more exciting and relieving than i could have predicted, even though we still have a lot of work to do making hazards and pulling the whole piece together. nevertheless, i poured myself a nice, cold, new belgium mothership wit at the end, sat down to a super delicious dinner of chicken marsala (thank you, lisa!) and basked in the glory for at least an hour afterwards.

this last bit, the core, was woven with a random warp and vertical herringbone twill.

throwing the very last shot:

in the studio (aka dad’s office), in a position i won’t be assuming for quite a while now!

treadling — pressing the peddles down to lift the shafts (the strings you see hanging down are used to determine which shafts rise up when each peddle is pressed):

scissors: check. beer: check. grapefruit juice: check. pile of pompom flowers: check.  total mess on the ground: check.

snipping off the ends of the last couple shots (yes, that’s my phone resting on the warp):

hemstitching the VERY LAST RUG…. yay!

ready for the ceremonial cutting of the last rug:

and….. we’re DONE!!!!!

pulling it off the loom….

this whole process has completely exhausted mahana.

“core” carpet:

with fireballs:

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