pragmatic and pickle

we showed up at travis dinsmore’s pragmatic design lab tuesday morning. i used to build furniture with and work for travis (and was his roommate/renter for two years), so it was great to be back in the shop with him! pragmatic is building the structures for two mini golf holes. ours looks great — they did a beautiful job! we are so ready to golf… well, after we do a lot more work.

drilling 127 1/2″ holes for the inner perimeter pegs. the wood block serves as a “stop” so i drill down the same depth for each hole:

sanding pegs and edges:

filled the perimeter holes and sanding them down:

travis and jeremy load up the truck to move the platform from the pragmatic shop to the pickle company, where we will assemble everything:

lisa at the pickle company after a long day of priming, painting, and gluing:

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  1. Posted by ibbyskibby on 06.09.2010 at 15:19

    This is coming together in an amazing fashion!! I wish I could be there to see it in person!


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