holes no.1 through 6

ok — it’s taken me a couple weeks to decompress from the install, openings, road trip, and catching up with sleep & work, but i’m finally ready to post photos of the entire course.

what’s more, you can call 801.349.3498 to listen to a super-nifty cell phone audio tour. once you’ve called in, simply dial each hole number followed by the # sign (so, for hole 3, you’d dial 3#) to hear each artist talk about their golf hole for about 1.5 minutes.

so, without further ado, i give you holes 1 through 6 of contemporary masters, artist-designed miniature golf. all photos were taken during the public opening reception, june 18, 2010 at the salt lake art center. the next two posts will showcase holes 7-12 and 13-18, respectively.


hole no.1: kisslan chan
take it easy
artificial turf, plywood, plastic, corner brace

hole no.2: andrew callis
pi hole
wood, carpet, spray paint, latex, acrylic

hole no.3: davina pallone
putting to the center of the earth
wool, cotton, wire, paint, wood

hole no.4: john preus & sara black
the fortuitous sequel to mean means value
inverted, previously-resolved exhibition artifact; inherited fencing lumber; cedar; copper; salt

hole no.5: nathan florence
three graces
salvaged material from neighborhood cleanup piles including wood and polystyrene insulated sheathing, 3form varia ecoresin panels, old fiberglass mannequins, hardware, adhesive, paint, cloth, textiles

hole no.6: loggins merrill
birch plywood, metal, cement, cork, plastic

One response to this post.

  1. Thanks for getting such good shots.
    The work looks solid, well thought out, play full.
    Madelin Coit


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