holes no.7 through 12

for those who missed the previous post: you can call 801.349.3498 to listen to a super-nifty cell phone audio tour. once you’ve called in, simply dial each hole number followed by the # sign (so, for hole 3, you’d dial 3#) to hear each artist talk about their golf hole for about 1.5 minutes.

below are holes 7-12 of contemporary masters, artist-designed miniature golf. all photos were taken during the public opening reception, june 18, 2010 at the salt lake art center. my previous post covered holes 1-6; the next post has holes 13-18.


hole no.7: jimmy lucero
parring the american dream
wood, paint, astroturf

hole no.8: trent call, tessa lindsay & clint call
barnaby banker’s big bender
wood, acrylic, enamel, felt, found objects, electric motor

hole no.9: john bell
pissing in the wind
powder coated aluminum

hole no.10: madelin coit
shredder: an autobiography
mixed media

hole no.11: brian butler & christopher wawrinofsky
take-out the clowns
wood, turf, hot-melt, clown heads, plexiglass, paint, plastic, steel, black light, leds, circus peanuts

hole no.12: ryan lewis
juxtaposition of geopolitical unconscious
ten 4’x10′ sheets of cold rolled 20 gauge mild steel, one arduino, five plastic owls

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